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  Putting shopper insight into the hands of small food and drink producers.




“You guys absolutely rock and all the tools are super helpful.”

Julia Kessler - Nix&Kix


“NBS has become such a valuable resource enabling us to punch above our weight as a small supplier. In this highly dynamic and fast moving market it is essential to have the data and insights you are providing, we can’t effectively plan and manage what we don’t know.”

David R. Rapkins - Cleone Foods


Many thanks to you and your team, this is very interesting and hugely useful to our journey!”

 Mark Neville - The Good Whey Company


“Thank you for the work you’ve done and continue to do for the local suppliers. It is much appreciated and totally invaluable”. 

Stevie Sedgwick - Thistly Cross Cider


It’s always great to get more understanding of the product performance”

Ola - Daffodil Foods


“I urge all Tesco Local suppliers to use Who Buys My Food. #businesscritcalinsight #investthetime”

Lisa Worthington via Twitter, Dorset Tea


“The webinars have been brilliant and it has been great to have such intelligent direction rather than feeling you're just bumbling along!"

Karen Boyd - Pizzado