'The European Commission in Question' will help us make the Commission a more efficient and effective administration that better serves European citizens.
José Manuel Barroso, EC President

The European Commission has a central role in the European Union, influences the daily lives of EU citizens, and is active in global regulation. In this project, we -- a team of multinational researchers based at five Universities -- collected primary material to answer key questions about the organisation and the people who work for it. ‘The European Commission in Question' (EUCIQ) aims to improve understanding of the Commission among researchers, practitioner communities and the public. In so doing, it tests widely held myths about the organisation and contributes to debates in the scholarly literature.

Find out more about the project – who we are, the questions we asked, the origins of the project, who funded us, the data, news, events and publications.

Download a description of the project (.doc)

The monograph is out: The European Commission of the Twenty-First Century published by Oxford University Press, June 2013.