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About Us

Working with hundreds of new volunteers, the project will survey and record old orchard sites across the East of England, as well as research the social, cultural and economic history of fruit growing in the region. Results of these investigations will be widely shared through education and publication.


The project also hopes to restore important old orchards, and to create new examples, for the enjoyment of local communities.


Our Aims

  • Survey and record the history of orchards across the region
  • Identify surviving sites and record new orchards
  • Research the history of local orchards across the region
  • Undertake surveys of the wildlife of orchards, particularly traditional orchards
  • Promote the cultural history of orchards and uses of fruit
  • Help to restore important old orchards through advice and appropriate training
  • Support and guide the creation of new orchards, for communities, farms, schools and private land owners
  • Raise the profile of orchards and their important role as habitats for biodiversity
  • Simply celebrate and enjoy orchards, past, present and future!


All you need to get involved is an interest in orchards and a love for your local area.