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Norfolk Arthritis Register is a large community based, long term observational study investigating the cause and outcome of inflammatory polyarthritis. Founded in 1989.


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NOAR has changed the way we collect data.  We can now offer participants the option of completing questionniares by post or online with fewer nurse appointments needed.  The benefit of doing this will be that some barriers to participation may be overcome as it can be difficult for participants to access the hospital.

We will also ask you if you would like to be contacted about future research studies.

We will be sending out the new style questionniares soon. 


Future Study - Gut Microbiome in RA

If you have early Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) you may be asked by your clinician to take an information sheet about a new study which will involve the collection of stool samples.  Recent studies have shown that people with RA have a 'disturbance' in the balance of their gut bacteria and other microbes.  This could also affect how well they respond to drugs like methotrexate.  If we find a link, it is possible that therapies such as probiotics or personalised nutrition could be used to improve the effectiveness of treatment for RA. This proposed study is currently under ethical review.

Arthritis Research UK is now Versus Arthritis following a merger of Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research UK in 2018.


Each year NOAR produces a newsletter which summarises the years' findings and this is distributed to all the NOAR participants. 

NOAR Newsletter 2019

NOAR Newsletter 2018

NOAR Newsletter 2017

NOAR Newsletter 2015

NOAR Newsletter 2013

NOAR Newsletter 2012

Applying to use NOAR data

NOAR is a study involving the collection of clinical data and laboratory materials on adults who have a new diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis. Prior to submitting a formal application to access NOAR data/samples; intending applicants are strongly advised to contact the Centre for Epidemiology Versus Arthritis, Prof Alex Macgregor ( University of East Anglia or Dr Suzanne Verstappen ( ) University of Manchester, to discuss the requirements for their project and ensure that NOAR is able to supply them with samples and/or clinical data in a format that is suitable to the proposal.