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The Movetech Telemetry group developed a low-cost, high efficiency Global Positioning System (GPS) / Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) solar powered tracking device that remotely transmits the data via General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) using the mobile phone network. The data is transmitted to our server and delivered to your study on Movebank. All data are made available on Movebank. We are not tied to any GSM network provider so our devices will connect to over 400 networks globally. The devices include GPS, accelerometer, and temperature sensors and enables flexible programming. The combination of the accelerometer with the temperature data enable the detection of mortality. Data can be transmitted using two formats: location data at regular intervals or location data with bursts of 3D accelerometer readings at 1Hz. We have high efficient solar cells that charge the devices, experience from a variety of projects shows that at Southern latitudes our devices can obtain a GPS fixes every 90 seconds.

General characteristics of the devices 

  • Devices suitable for a wide range of species
  • GPS logging intervals from 1 second to 48 hours
  • Memory capable of storing over 60,000 records 
  • Settings updateable via GPRS or SMS
  • High efficiency & low-light solar charging
  • In-built tri-axial accelerometer
  • Multiple geofences
  • No external antennae
  • Operational temperature from -20 to +70 °C
  • 12 months data transmission included (global)
  • Network agnostic SIMs - they work worldwide!
  • Data delivered to Movebank
  • Weight from 18g upwards
  • Lighter tags (10g) are in development 
  • Typical prices from £400 -800 (exc. VAT) depending on device complexity
  • Developed and built by experts in bird tracking 


Types of Devices

All tags are custom built, as each species is inherently different, a range of colours is available on request. Our standard tags use a 3-point backpack harnessing system starting from 18g upwards, depending on the size of the bird, the size of battery and area of solar panels required.

Solar-powered devices are also available for deployment on seabirds using shrink tube and can be taped to the bird using Tesa tape. 

Custom Built

We have standard designs ranging from 18g (including 20g, 25g, 30g, 50g, 70g), but can also do custom built tags. Every project has specific requirements for data collection, we provide custom made devices and software solutions that are adapted to the specific requirements of each project. We have a range of housings and, for a minimum order quantity (typically 20), we are happy to incorporate totally new designs into the cost of the tag itself. 

For smaller devices we use high-efficiency solar cells which operate in poor light conditions (e.g. northern winters) but for larger species and those the permanently live in areas where the light conditions are good, we can use more generic solar panels, that are also cheaper! Costs for tags typically range from £400 to £800 (ex VAT) depending on their size, components and complexity for assembly.

If you are interested in using Movetech Telemetry devices please contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Data Access

The number of projects tracking wildlife movement has increased exponentially in the last few years. We use Movebank as our data repository, this is a free online database of animal tracking data hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology. The data from the animals tracked with Movetech Telemetry tags can be accessed on Movebank.

Create an account on, add your own study and let us know your username study number for data transfer.

Future Developments

  • Accelerometer triggered events
  • GPS / GSM collars for mammals: 40gr and 80 gr
  • MoveTech BTO Backpack 10 - 10 gr GPS/GSM/Acc