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The Marine Knowledge Exchange Network (M-KEN) is an established and rapidly growing network of cross-sector marine stakeholders with mutually beneficial aims:

  • To increase capacity in stakeholder relevant marine and coastal research
  • To ensure marine and coastal research is delivering collaborative impact and application
  • To help realise the social, economic and environmental potential of our seas and oceans


How to get involved?

Our network comprises over 1100 stakeholders all with a vested interest in the marine environment.  We run and facilitate networking events, and targeted workshops throughout the year.  Members of the network are added to our mailing list and are the first to receive notifications of upcoming events along with our regular newsletter.  Membership and almost all events are free.  Whether your interest is business related, policy related or research related we are keen to hear from you.  Follow the link on the right to join our vibrant and growing network today reach out to potential partners in marine innovation. 



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