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The Marine Knowledge Exchange Network Database

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The Marine Knowledge Exchange Network Database

The Marine Knowledge Exchange Network Database

What is the database and how did it come about?

The launch of the Norfolk and Suffolk Coastal Network (NSCN) at envEXPO in February 2017 also coincided with the unveiling of the Marine Knowledge Exchange Network (M-KEN) Database.

Developed at UEA by M-KEN in partnership with NSCN and M-KEN’s Blue Futures project, the database contains details and signposts to a wide variety of past and present information and activity relevant to organisations and individuals working in the marine and coastal spaces. This includes traditional academic research, but also projects, cases studies, technical reports, datasets and online resources.

The database responds to a need to increase awareness of – and access to – the diverse range of information that can influence and benefit coastal and marine decision making. It thereby supports a move towards more anticipatory and adaptive management practices.

Example uses

Registering at, allows the user to browse through the database’s entries. Searches can either be made by choosing one of the predefined Themes and subthemes, selecting a Location or by entering specific keywords of interest in the search bar on the Home page.

Below, the Theme “Coastal Modelling” is chosen and returns a list of peer-reviewed papers, projects, technical reports, books and datasets. The search can then be refined using different filters:

NSCN Database example 1

In this next example, the user is looking for online maps of Norfolk. A simple search using the keywords “Norfolk map” leads to a list of relevant resources and information on where to access them:

Database example 2

These examples highlight the diverse types of activities that the database includes as well as its user-friendly interface.

How can I join and contribute?

While the database is now up and running, it is in its early phase and still being populated with information. It will become increasingly valuable for users at it continues to grow and receives more material from the community.

Your input is therefore needed!

To submit your work or research, please contact and the appropriate contributing access will be provided. You can also join NSCN or M-KEN by emailing

Posted by A Stebbing on Fri, 27 Oct 2017

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