This is the HEG working paper series page. It includes all working paper (in house) publications, ordered by date of publication. The working paper series provides an opportunity for disseminating group research to a wider audience.



Accounting for Protest Zeros in Contingent Valuation Studies: A review of literature 
Jenny Rankin & Angela Robinson
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Public support for older disabled people: evidence from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing on receipt of disability benefits and social care subsidy 
Ruth Hancock, Marcello Morciano, Stephen Pudney 
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A global optimisation approach to range-restricted survey calibration
Ferran Espuny-Pujol, Karyn Morrissey, Paul Williamson
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Exploring differences between TTO and direct choice in the valuation of health states
Angela Robinson, Anne Spencer, Jose-Luis Pinto-Prades, Judith Covey
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Socioeconomic inequality and cognitive & physical disabilities among older people in England
Emmanuel Ndenor Sambo
Download paper 15-01  [PDF 298KB] Appendix A15-01 [PDF 805KB]


The impact of diabetes on employment in Mexico
Till Seuring, Yevgeniy Goryakin, Marc Suhrcke
Download paper 14-03 [PDF 369KB] Executive Summary ES14-03 [PDF 183KB]

Economic evaluation of interventions which aim to prevent smoking relapse: systematic review and critical appraisal
Kemi-Rotimi Oyewumi, MSc Health Economics
Download paper 14-02 [PDF 346 KB] Executive Summary ES14-02 [PDF 87 KB]

A Triple Test for Behavioural Economics Models and Public Health Policy
Ryota Nakamura, Marc Suhrcke, Daniel John Zizzo
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Hospital Procurement with Concentrated Sellers: A Case Study of Hip Prostheses
Charlotte Davies, Paula Lorgelly
Download paper 13-06 [PDF 366 KB] Executive summary ES13-06 [PDF 40 KB]

Labour market importance of poor health in the Russian Federation
Yevgeniy Goryakin, Marc Suhrcke
Download paper 13-05 [PDF 559 KB] Executive summary ES13-05 [PDF 295 KB]

Living arrangements and cognitive decline among the elderly in Europe
Stefano Mazzuco, Silvia Meggiolaro, Fausta Ongaro, Veronica Toffolutti
Download paper 13-04 [PDF 224 KB]

Do household surveys give a coherent view of disability benefit targeting? A multi-survey latent variable analysis for the older population in Great Britain
Ruth Hancock, Marcello Morciano , Stephen Pudney, Francesca Zantomio
Download paper 13-03 [PDF 576 KB] Executive summary ES13-03 [PDF 312 KB]

Social and economic costs of food allergies in Europe: translation and trans-cultural adaptation into different languages of a questionnaire to measure costs and health utility
Margaret Fox, Inmaculada Cerecedo, Belén de la Hoz Caballer, Javier Zamora, Ewa Rokicka, Pawel Starosta , Nikolaos G. Papadopoulos, Katerina Lagara, Miranda Mugford
Download paper 13-02 [PDF 156KB]
Appendix 1, English Adult Questionnaire
Appendix 2, Greek Adult Questionnaire
Appendix 3, Polish Adult Questionnaire
Appendix 4, Spanish Adult Questionnaire

Long-term care funding in England: an analysis of the costs and distributional effects of potential reforms
Ruth Hancock, Raphael Wittenberg, Bo Hu, Marcello Morciano & Adelina Comas-Herrera
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The use of risk-based discrete choice experiments to capture preferences over health states
Angela Robinson, Anne Spencer and Peter Moffatt
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