This project is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and is a collaboration between the Personal Social Services Research Unit at Kent and LSE, the Health Economics Group at the University of East Anglia and the National Centre for Social Research. It aims to help policy makers weigh up the merits of reforms to the funding system for care and support of older people (aged 65+) against addressing unmet needs (including those of carers) and reforming the nature of care and its delivery. We are analysing data from the Health Surveys for England from 2011 exploiting new questions on social care that we developed as part of an earlier project. The study is analysing: patterns of informal care given to and received by older people; the relationship between receipt of formal care, informal care and care needs among older people; the pattern of take-up of Direct Payments and Personal Budgets by older people; user payments for state care and the targeting of state-funded care and disability benefits for older people. The analyses will be used to devise scenarios on changing patterns of care and reforms to the funding of home care and investigate their expenditure effects using existing simulation models of long-term care finance.