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Language skills can no longer be regarded as an optional extra to a well-equipped society. Rather, they are a key indicator of how willing and prepared we are to operate in an increasingly multilingual and multicultural world.

"Today we are global citizens, competing for jobs with people from all over the world, many of whom speak more than one language. 72% of UK businesses value foreign language skills among their employees. It is the No. 2 skill behind IT". British Council (Languages for the Future)

Skills you will gain:

  • Speaking and communicating confidently.
  • Improve your understanding of other cultures and people
  • Challenge yourself and gain confidence
  • Ability to improvise and adapt to new situations
  • Global mind-set and cultural intelligence
  • Team work and problem solving


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Love Languages Day Love Languages Day

Sat 19 May | 10am-4pm | The Forum, Norwich



LCS held their inaugural Love Languages Day on Saturday 19th May, with 77% of participants rating the event as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. The day was led by 16 language students, and held at the Forum in Norwich. Despite strong competition from the Royal Wedding, and being on the first Saturday of this year’s Norfolk and Norwich Festival, the event was well attended, with a steady stream of people participating in a wide range of activities devised by the students. With over 200 members of the general public visiting the event, 91% said they would now consider studying a language at UEA.

Ensuring that everything ran smoothly, Joseph Bryant, Maizie Wythe, Mariana Guevara and Marcus Ketley were at the information desk, providing and collecting information and holding a prize draw.  33% of visitors took part in ten different languages: Arabic, British Sign Language, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish and tutors were assisted in each session by Holly Miller.

35 children and their parents enjoyed listening to well-known children’s stories in Japanese, French and Spanish, read with skill and confidence by students Maizie Wythe, Inés Abdelli and Georgia Saddington, and were welcomed by Carol Waleed Fathi Abdelmonem.

Orla Condra, Chloe Hayward, Elisza Rusu and Ronnie Dickson devised a cultural quiz in which members of the public were challenged on their general knowledge of different cultures, world events, festivals and food, etc., in an attempt to win prizes.

To commemorate the Royal Wedding, children and adults created wedding cards with congratulatory messages written in many different languages, for the royal couple, ably assisted by Georgia Saddington, Carol Waleed Fathi Abdelmonem and Dayna Andreous.

The final event was a reading by students in languages as diverse as Romanian, Russian and French, of a short passage by the newly knighted and UEA alumnus Sir Kazuo Ishiguro, from his book, Never Let Me Go.

Below are some of the visitors’ comments and remarks about the event:

“engaging and entertaining for all ages, along with some education too!”

“it was free and with no pressure”

“taster sessions are a great idea”

“enthusiastic people and friendly volunteers”

“Please do more!”

The event was promoted and overseen by staff members Ms Mika Brown and Ms Maria Gómez Bedoya, Directors of the University Language Programme and Dr Carlos de Pablos Ortega, Head of the Language and Communication Department.