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University of East Anglia Global Environmental Justice Group


We work with a range of partners to produce new knowledge, exchange experiences, develop capacities, and support Southern-led environmental justice struggles. 

Testimonies of Justice

We have produced a number of dissemination products including video clips on Testimonies of Justice. These can be used for educational and advocacy purposes. Please take a look at our videos.

Norwich Think Tanks

We organise Think Tanks that bring together activists, policy-makers and researchers to exchange experiences, discuss outstanding issues and review ways forward on global environmental justice.

The most recent Think Tank was held in December 2016 on Environmental Justice and Conflict Transformation. You can find out more by reading the short News Briefing or the full Report.

The results of the first two Think Tanks are expressed in Norwich Declarations:

Visiting Fellows Programme

We welcome early-career researchers, activists and professionals working on environmental justice concerns to spend time with us. Our Visiting Fellows Programme provides a stimulating intellectual environment and logistical support (desk space and access to library services) for short-term visits up to two months. If interested please enquire at

University Education

We contribute to university education through undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes in environment, international development and geography. We value training future environmental managers and thus facilitate, for instance, an exchange between Master students and global environmental justice activists. 

Learn from the experiences of Lorraine and Rory working with environmental justice activists.