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Tuesday 25 June: Writing from History

A day exploring how history can influence our writing today with a chance to question the man who researches the history behind the Horrible Histories series.


10.30am Author talk: Greg Jenner

FLY is thrilled to welcome the brilliant, witty author and historian Greg Jenner, best known for his work on the BBC's mutli-award winning comedy Horrible Histories, and his best-selling book A Million Years In A Day: A Curious History of Ordinary Life, From Stone Age to Phone Age. With plenty of time to ask him question, you'll discover the secrets behind the Horrible Histories.


12.30pm Writing from History workshops

How do you write about people who lived a long time ago? Where do you go to find out what life used to be like? A range of workshops will explore how we can use history in our writing, including workshops fom best-selling authors Rachel Hore and Tom Benn.


1.45pm In Converstation: Sally Nicholls and Catherine Johnson

A wonderful opportunity to learn how two award-winning novelists create their historical novels. Sally's award-winning books have ranged from the Middle Ages to now, and include Ways to Live Forever, Season of Secrets, All Fall Down and An Island of Our Own. Her more recent novel, Things a Bright Girl Can Do, is set within the suffragette movemement and brings "alive the young women of the past to empower the next generation." (Alex O'Connell, The Times, Children's Book of the Week)

Catherine's award-winning historical fiction shows how our history is more culturally diverse than we knew. A Nest of Vipers tells the true story of Matthew Henson, an African-American explorer who was written out of history despite being one of the first men to reach the North Pole in 1909. Forgotten heroes are rediscovered in her other novels too, including Landlocked, The Curious Tale of the Lady Caraboo, Brave New Girl and Sawbones. Her latest books are Freedom and Race to the Frozen North. Catherine is also the co-writer of the film Bullet Boy.