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Programme for the week

After great feedback last year, we will be continuing with themed days in 2019. This year we'll have three authors each day, one to give a talk and two 'in conversation' so there are even more opportunities for your students to be inspired. Your students will even have the chance to get their programme and books signed by the authors at our two signing sessions which run after the author talk and the 'in conversation session'.


To view the full line-up for each day, please click on the links below.


Monday 24 June - Writing Our World

How writers explore the world we live in with emphasis on diversity, heritage and inclusivity.


Tuesday 25 June - Writing from History

A day with some of your favourite writers of historical fiction for Young Adult readers. And a huge star (so watch this space to learn more).


Wednesday 26 June - Poetry Day

A whole day devoted to poetry both written and performed with workshops and readings. This is a day to discover just how much fun poetry can be.


Thursday 27 June - Write On

A day where students can discover all the secrets to making creative writing fun and successful with three of the best authors writing today. Lots of workshops as well as a chance to ask questions.


Friday 28 June - Nothing New

The fear of the blank page often stops people writing. But today three successful authors will show students how other books give them the inspiration for their writing and how they, too, can reuse favourite plot ideas in their writing.