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Adaptive work

Work in this theme relates to organisational and individual adaptation, and includes worker self-regulation of safety, well-being and work-family interface, high performance HR systems, and innovation.

Employee wellbeing and productivity

In early 2018, Dr Helen Fitzhugh was funded by the National Productivity Investment Fund / ESRC Impact Acceleration Accounts to consider ways to raise regional awareness of positive links between employee wellbeing and productivity. The project drew upon research from the Work and Learning Programme of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing at Norwich Business School, but also involved listening to the experiences of senior managers within Norfolk and Suffolk businesses. The findings of this listening process were fed back to infrastructure organisations in the region and also summarized in a 2-page business-facing document. The document asks ‘Where are you on the wellbeing journey’.  It offers leaders and managers a way to a) explore five challenges that organisations face and overcome to promote workplace wellbeing, b) identify whether their organization currently has a ‘fair weather only’ approach to wellbeing and c) be inspired by what others are already doing to apply key principles for workplace wellbeing. The full report on the listening process is available on request, please contact 


The summary document, entitled 'Where are you on the workplace wellbeing journey? - 3 ways to explore', is available here