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Education research in the School of International Development focuses on the relationship between schooling and its wider socio-economic and cultural contexts, with a focus on ethnographic and innovative inter-disciplinary qualitative/quantitative methods. The School's research focus is on education in low income groups especially in South Asia and South America including schooling, and non-formal adult education.  Areas of strength and expertise include studies of literacy, social mobility, indigenous and intercultural education and gender.

Our research staff have international reputations in their field, and several hold advisory positions with UN organisations (on girls and gender, on intercultural education, and on literacy), and on the editorial boards of leading journals. The School provides a vibrant research environment for staff and research students.  In recent years, we have held a series of high profile conferences on literacy inequalities, educational mobility, and gender.  We host a well established MA course in Education and Development, a seminar series with the school of education and lifelong learning, and graduate workshops on specialist themes.  We welcome applications for doctoral studies (including joint supervision with the School of Education and Lifelong Learning). The School can offer teaching opportunities for doctoral students, and several doctoral students currently receiving university funded scholarships.

Research Projects A-Z

Beyond Access: Gender, Education and Development
This project focused on transforming policy and practice to promote gender equitable processes in education and work in partnership between an INGO, University and Donor Agency to contribute to the achievement of Millennium Goals 2 and 3.

Gender Differences in Migration Opportunities: Implications for Educational Choices and Outcomes
The main objective of this research was to explore how far migration opportunities provide an incentive to complete secondary schooling and gender differences associated with this.

Gender Equality in Education Project
This project built a specific gender awareness and expertise in the work of education NGO coalitions and advocacy work for Education For All in four countries (Kenya, Ghana, Malawi and Bangladesh).


Shelia Aikman

Associate Tutor, School of International Development

Lucio Esposito

Senior Lecturer, School of International Development

John Gordon

Reader, School of Education and Lifelong Learning

Bryan Maddox

Senior Lecturer, School of International Development

Nitya Rao

Professor of Gender and Development, School of International Development

Anna Robinson-Pant

Professor of Education, School of Education and Lifelong Learning

Leticia Yulita

Senior Lecturer, School of Politics, Language and Communication Studies