Finding journal and book publications

To find details of publications you have several options ... You can follow a link from below:
Journal Articles  |  Books  |  Book Chapters  |  Other Major Articles

Or if you know the name of the author follow the People link and find the faculty member on the list - which is organised alphabetically within - click on the name and go to their web-page and list of publications;

Or if you are looking for a particular subject follow the Research Groups link  and browse the pages and publications listed within.

As well as giving bibliographical details, some publications are available to download, either directly from this website or from external sites.

Older DEV publications
The School of International Development no longer publishes our original working papers, monographs etc. and those that were produced until 1995 are now out of print and unavailable. Most of our faculty members' research is published in commercially-produced books and academic journals. These cannot be ordered through the School; to obtain a publication you should click on the links available, or contact the publisher, a bookseller, or borrow it through a library.