If you are interested in taking a PhD in climate research, please see our Studentships page.

We are currently recruiting to the following PhD projects with funding available from our Faculty of Science and The Amar-Franses and Foster-Jenkins Trust.  Closing date: 28 January 2019:

Global fluvial flooding risks under climate change using a global regionalised hydrological model
(Helen He, Tim Osborn)

From stratosphere to ice cores - the journey of a climate proxy
(Manoj Joshi, Tim Osborn, Dave Stevens)

The spatial extent of warm and cool periods during the last two thousand years
(Tim Osborn, Mark Chapman)

Ocean drivers of Antarctic ice shelf melt and sea level rise: understanding future changes
(Ben Webber, Karen Heywood, Dave Stevens)


We are currently recruiting to the following PhD projects with funding available through the ARIES Doctoral Training Partnership at UEA. Closing date: 8 January 2019:

•    Why are trends in extreme and average rainfall under climate change so different?  (Tim Osborn, Manoj Joshi) 

•    How will the changing Indian Ocean influence the South Asian monsoon over the coming century?  (Ben Webber, Manoj Joshi)

•    How will the urban heat island in growing cities behave under climate change?  (Clare Goodess)

•    A stratospheric bridge linking Arctic sea ice loss to cold European winters  (Hua Lu, Manoj Joshi)

•    Extreme weather in the tropics  (Adrian Matthews, Manoj Joshi, Ben Webber)

•    Climates of the Caribbean: What are the drivers and impacts of ocean and climate variability for Caribbean Islands?  (David Stevens, Clare Goodess)

    Observing ocean-atmosphere interaction from the poles to the tropics with an AutoNaut autonomous surface vehicle  (Karen Heywood, Ben Webber)

MSc in Climate Change

A one-year MSc course in Climate Change is available.mPlease contact Manoj Joshi for details.

Other teaching

A wide variety of courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate are available through the School of Environmental Sciences.