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  Community Screen Forum


Welcome to the website for the Community Screen Forum.

The Forum represents organisations that promote, support and enable community screen experiences in under-serviced areas of the United Kingdom. It is comprised of groups that provide centralised services to support community screen experiences, generally within particular geographic regions. These services include touring, equipment hire, assistance with programming and bookings and other advice and support for local communities.

The aim of the Community Screen Forum is to support the delivery and curation of high quality screen experiences in under-serviced areas that are relevant for the local community, and to continue to widen the accessibility of public exhibition for film and other screen content.

The Forum’s activities are guided by the recognition of the importance of film as a cultural experience, but also by the crucial role screen experiences can play in enhancing social engagement and connection, and supporting the vitality of communities around the United Kingdom.

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The initiative is supported by the University of East Anglia and Creative Arts East/Village Screen.