Publication: Purposeful involvement of experts by experience


CIPP is pleased to announce the publication of an article in The Clinical Teacher: “Purposeful involvement of experts by experience.”  “Although involving EbE in IPE adds a unique richness to learning, it also adds an additional layer of complexity, and as a consequence, teachers need the appropriate preparation.”


Publication: Medical students working as health care assistants


















CIPP is pleased to announce the publication of an article by Elizabeth Davison and Susanne Lindqvist in The Clinical Teacher: “Medical students working as health care assistants: an evaluation.”  An essential project “…helping medical students to see the person in the patient is important…”


News Summary - CIPP Event 2019


An inspiring event hosted by Dame Shirley Pierce (Centre Founder) and Susanne Lindqvist (Centre Director) at UEA exploring and encouraging collaboration with partners in healthcare.  The event was a follow-up to a conference held a year ago with the aim of celebrating progress with local, innovative projects that contribute to improving inter-professional practice in some way. 

Anna Morgan, Director of Workforce, gave hope for a multidisciplinary workforce of the future reiterating that Health Professionals working well together in teams is essential for excellent patient care across Norfolk and indeed throughout the UK.

Elizabeth Davison gave a presentation about the essential work she is doing with the HCA project ensuring that Medical Students receive the hands on experience that gives them true insight into patient centred and multidisciplinary care.

Audrey Gibbs and Stephanie Wilsher-Howard spoke about Physicians Associates and their important new role in Multidisciplinary Teams, freeing up more time for Doctors showing that PAs have created better continuity of care and better patient experience.

Sarah Young, Chris Scott and Walter Lloyd-Smith discussed their Specialist Self-Neglect and Hoarding research project and explained how important it is that teams establish a positive relationship with the self-neglecting person.

Our Vice Chancellor Professor David Richardson expressed his thanks to their great efforts thus far and joined in the celebrations to further embrace the fact that indeed we like to do things together at UEA!

The evening was rounded off with workshops exploring ways forward generating further ideas for innovation.  Watch this space!


Recent Publications:


CIPP is pleased to announce the publication of an article in The Journal of Interprofessional Care:  "Using interprofessional dementia learning opportunities to prepare the future healthcare workforce: findings from a pilot study"

Click on the image below to access the publication:


Susanne Lindqvist has a chapter in a Norwegian book (which is currently going through final edits):  

Lindqvist S.  Qualified for practice:  In tverprofesjonell samarbeidslæring (TPS) for bachelorstudenter i helse- og sosialfag.  Edited by Hofseth Almås Synnøve, Vasset Frøjdis, Atle Ødegård, 2018.  Fakbolaget.

Click on the image below to download the chapter.



CIPP is pleased to announce the publication of an article in The Journal of Interprofessional Care:  "University teachers' views of interprofessional learning and their role in achieving outcomes - a qualitative study"

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Please have a look at a paper recently published by CIPP and colleagues in The Clinical Teacher: "Clinical skills as a vehicle for Interprofessional Learning"





Together with colleagues in the Norwich Medical School and the School of Health Sciences, CIPP has published a new article in The Clinical Teacher: "Promoting Collaboration in Emergency Medicine"


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CIPP has also recently published in the Journal of Interprofessional Care: "Training Students as IPL facilitators - a small-scale study highlighting the need to build confidence".  Please click on picture below for full article:






Publication in press: The Clinical Teacher: "Clincial Skills as a vehicle for interprofessional learning"




Professor Susanne Lindqvist was the keynote speaker at the recent conference in Cologne on "Joint Accreditation of Interprofessional Continuous Professional Development (CPD)" organised by the European Cardiology Section Foundation (ECSF).



From right to left:  Professor Reinhard Griebenow, Chairman of ECSF Board; Kate Raigner, Executive Vice-President, Accreditation Council for CME, Chicago; Peter Mills, Member of ECSF Board Cologne/London; Professor Susanne Lindqvist, CIPP, UEA; Jim Hall, Chairman ECSF Council, Cologne/Middlesborough.   


Announcements Announcements

CIPP Conference is a great success!

Last Friday, 7th September, CIPP launched its first Innovation in Interprofessional Practice Conference, held in the Julian Study Centre at UEA.  The event was extremely successful in forging new links with local healthcare Trusts and the sharing of experiences leading to innovative project ideas.  Click on the link below to read the full EDP article about this.



Also... we now have a video recording of the conference keynote speakers and presentations!  Just click on the link below to access this:


Then....please go to our CIPP Conference page to view some of the presentations given by delegates on the day!


Izaak entertains Meadow House residents!


Foundation year UEA medical student Izaak Stanley recently completed three days shift work at Meadow House nursing home in Swaffham, as part of the Healthcare Assistant project all foundation and first year medical students take part in.

The residents at Meadow House clearly enjoyed Izaak’s time with them, where he entertained them by playing his saxophone!  The following was posted onto the Meadow House Facebook page:


‘Meadow House were so lucky to have Izaak, student Doctor from the UEA on placement with them last week. Not only was he fantastic with our residents, he was a wonderful saxophone player too! Thank you Izaak, come back and see us soon!’


Thank you Izaak and wishing you well with your studies!


Dame Shirley Pearce Poster Prize

Poster Prize Winners - 5.6.18

CIPP would like to congratulate second year students: Jenkin Chan (Pharmacy); Imran Ahmed (Pharmacy); Apple Bustamante (Physiotherapy) and Daisy Jardine-Viner (Business Management) for submitting the winning poster in the Dame Shirley Pearce Poster competition aimed to promote interprofessional collaborative practice.

Their poster, shown above, discusses cyctic fibrosis and the challenges facing patient care.  You can view the poster here.


UEA healthcare students become Dementia Friends and go the extra mile to gain further Dementia Care Awareness qualification


HEE (Health Education England), a government organisation responsible for workforce education and training, published a mandate in 2015 stating that all National Health Service (NHS) staff who care for people with dementia should acquire a basic Tier 1 Dementia Awareness (DA) qualification.  In brief, HEE’s Tier 1 DA qualification is linked with a set of Learning Outcomes that provide professionals with the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to care for people with dementia.

In response to this mandate a pilot study was run by CIPP and colleagues during 2016/17, where students who took part in Interprofessional Learning Level 1 (IPL1) were given the opportunity to carry out the Tier 1 Dementia Care training following IPL1.  The pilot study was highly successful.

As part of Tier 1 DA training, students received Dementia Friends training, which was delivered by Dementia Friends Champions at UEA.  Going forward, it was agreed to roll out the Dementia Friends training component to all IPL1 students during 2017/18.

Out of 800 UEA healthcare students who took part in IPL1 during 2017/18, 568 signed up to become Dementia Friends.

Out of the 800 students attending IPL1, 518 students also carried out the optional Dementia Awareness & Learning Disability Awareness Tier 1 Education.

All 518 students passed and obtained the Tier 1 Dementia Awareness (DA) qualification.



Professor Scott Reeves

It is with devastating shock and sadness that we have learnt of the sudden and unexpected death of Professor Scott Reeves, CAIPE Fellow and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Interprofessional Care. Scott was a great interprofessional scholar, researcher and colleague who unquestionably will leave a legacy to the world of IPE.  Scott will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues.



Engagement Awards 2016/17 Engagement Awards 2016/17

Dr Susanne Lindqvist was one of the UEA Engagement Award winners 2016/2017 for sustained involvement of people in our community within teaching. 

As CIPP Director, Susanne and her team has successfully developed a model of interprofessional learning (IPL) that is offered to over 3000 health and social care students every year across 12 different courses.

By involving professionals and people with lived experiences of care, students learn what works, what does not, key elements underpinning effective collaborative practice, and how this way of working benefits people in need of care.

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Presentation at Nordic Interprofessional Network Conference Presentation at Nordic Interprofessional Network Conference

Dr Susanne Lindqvist, CIPP Director, delivered a keynote presentation at the Nordic Interprofessional Network (NIPNET) conference in Norway, June 2017.


The keynote presented a study that involved two universities in Norway and UEA investigating university teachers’ view IPL delivered at their university, and how they view their role in supporting students in achieving learning outcomes related to IPL within their own uniprofessional teaching.  


Shirley Pearce Wining poster 2016/17 Shirley Pearce Wining poster 2016/17


Warm Congratulations to the authors of the winning poster of this year’s Dame Shirley Pearce Poster Competition!  The the poster titled “Acute Stroke” addresses how improved interprofessional working can prevent errors and improve patient care. 

The authors were:

Josh Burrows – Pharmacy student
Randula Karunajeewa – Medical student
Carlie Pipe – Nursing student
Kelsey Poole – Nursing student
Corrine Pope – Nursing student
Leigh-Anne Scranage – Paramedic student

Pilot study on Dementia Care Education Pilot study on Dementia Care Education

CIPP, the School of Health Sciences and staff representatives from courses involved in the first level of interprofessional learning (IPL1) have recently been involved in a Dementia Care Education Tier 1 pilot study.

This collaboration, led by Elizabeth Davison, IPL1 Lead, and Dr Sarah Housden, Senior Lecturer in Nursing Sciences, was in response to Health Education England’s mandate and the need for all healthcare students to be equipped to communicate effectively with people living with dementia.  There are approximately 850,000 people in the UK thought to be living with dementia.

First year healthcare and pharmacy students initially took part in a new, communication difficulties exercise, introduced as part of the IPL1 teamworking session.  This was followed by the Tier 1 pilot study which ran during March 2017.  Successful completion of the pilot enabled students to obtain a certificate that recognised the Learning Outcomes of HEE Tier 1 Dementia Care Education.

To successfully complete the pilot, students had to: attend a Dementia Friends training session; watch a dementia education video; complete and submit a Reflective Workbook; complete a multiple choice questionnaire and provide feedback of their learning experience.  The video, workbook and MCQ content were all produced in collaboration with the staff representatives and there had a strong, interprofessional emphasis.  

60 students volunteered and completed the study with 95% of students feeding back that the pilot was helpful or very helpful.  It is hoped to roll out the Tier 1 Dementia Education to all 850 first year healthcare students during 2017/18.

Elizabeth Davison and Dr Sarah Housden produced a poster explaining the pilot, for the Learning and Teaching Day which took place on 18th May, with outstanding feedback received.

Liz and Poster

Love didn't hurt you Love didn't hurt you

“Love didn't hurt you – know the signs of domestic abuse” by Caitlin Rivers

Caitlin Rivers is a pseudonym for one of our UEA students who has experience of domestic abuse, but who has come out the other end.  Caitlin wishes to share her experience with future healthcare professionals so that they can recognise the signs of domestic abuse and find out a bit more about where people can seek help and support.  This book is also aimed at people who are, or think they may be, in an abusive relationship and if so, what to do next.

If you read this book and have any comments on its content, then please get in touch with Dr Susanne Lindqvist and your feedback will be forwarded to Caitlin.