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Challenging Ableist Perspectives on the Teaching of Mathematics 


Welcome to the project Challenging Ableist Perspectives on the Teaching of Mathematics!

CAPTeaM started as a one-year study funded by the British Academy International Partnership and Mobility Scheme. It developed and trialled activities that challenged ableist perspectives on the teaching of mathematics. Through those activities mathematics teachers reflected on ableist perspectives and on the prejudice about disabled learners’ mathematical ability that emerges from such perspectives.

The project initiated a partnership between two mathematics education research groups in the UK and Brazil. CAPTeaM+ expands this partnership for 3 more years, and develops the research programme further by focussing on two themes: deconstructing the notion of the normal mathematics student/classroom; and, attuning mathematics teaching strategies to student diversity. CAPTeaM is a strand in the RME group’s MathTASK research programme.


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