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About us

The Agritech Water Cluster promotes the formation of new collaborations between academic researchers at the University of East Anglia, with industry partners in the agritech and water industries.

Demand for drinking water and the intensification of agriculture have seriously affected catchment ecosystem services and present difficult challenges for integrated policy, control strategies and scientific assessment.

Climate change is likely to create more erratic weather with potentially more extreme rainfall events washing pollutants out of land as well as more periods of drought.  With water resources already under pressure, increases in population and household growth will result in increased demand for water with the East and South East England projected to see the fastest growth in population in the UK.

As well as increased household demand, a growing population and preference for UK food sourcing means the demand for agricultural water, particularly for the fresh produce industry, is expected to grow.

The cluster aims to

  • Understand business needs in the agritech-water industry.
  • Show how University of East Anglia-led research can be used by the water and agritech industries.
  • Support and encourage new collaboration between industry and University of East Anglia academics in the agritech-water area.