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"The collaborative lab really lived up to its name!

We had a very productive day in a creative atmosphere, well facilitated by the flexible furniture arrangements and the easy to use ICT.  The sliding working wall panels and writeable walls were very effective in helping us capture and collate our outputs in real time.

Having a separate area for refreshments and breaks was a real bonus. Lunch and refreshments were just right and of good quality.

The service by every member of the Adapt team was excellent throughout.  We will definitely be looking to use the lab again.”

Adrian Blakey, NPS Property Consultants


"Really enjoyed the experience of booking the room - all very organised and easy. Super friendly staff on the desk and extremely helpful.

Loved the building ... the catering options, your team and the general atmosphere".

Anna Catlin, 330 Training


“Having visited the site on two occasions during construction, and attended a seminar about the building, both in terms of its sustainable credentials and workspace availability, I was already aware of the advantages of the facility when I required some office space for myself.

As an architect and Passivhaus designer, it was a perfect opportunity to experience the environmental benefits first hand by working here.”

Jon Boon, Jon Boon Architects. TEC tenant


"I just love working from here. It has totally transformed the way I work, I am so much more creative and effective. Not only that, my coaching clients love coming here and we have captured some great ways to make a lasting difference and not just a profit meeting in this great environment"

John Burroughes, Bite the Cherry. TEC tenant


“Becoming a tenant at The Enterprise Centre has been a massive influencing factor in the company’s success to date. Since we moved in, I’ve found that we’ve naturally changed our way of operating and we conduct our business in a more efficient, thoughtful manner, keeping an active eye on future opportunities as well as our day to day working practice.

Being immersed in a network of like-minded business people has been key in maintaining and building upon our aspirations for the company. We’ve established a number of important connections with whom we’re collaborating and building relationships. We’ve noticed a significant increase in productivity and the return on our investment of tenancy is clear to see.

A final cog in The Enterprise Centre machine that cannot be ignored is the ongoing support offered by the Adapt team who also operate within the building. They are such and asset to each and every business operating within the Centre.” 

Aaron Fickling, Laszlo Creative. TEC tenant


“Visiting and working at The Enterprise Centre is quite simply a real pleasure.  The building epitomises a vision that pushed the boundaries of energy efficiency and low carbon construction techniques, from this perspective it is a superb exemplar of sustainable lifestyles. Having worked on the Green Economy for many years it is very satisfying to visit a building that now provides a leading low carbon hub on a European scale.” 

Iain Dunnett, New Anglia Growing Places Fund Coordinator