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C-19, religious freedom & politics create perfect storm in the USA

WHO: Dr Emma Long

"The battle ties into long-standing debates between religious conservatives and the state about the extent to which their faith gives them freedom from general laws and expectations as well as a mistrust of the state and a long history of self-reliance."

Government measures to help self-employed

WHO: Peter Ellington

"It’s fine for the government to put out information, but people need to be able to interpret it. That is the issue, how it applies to individuals in their particular circumstances."

Homeschooling: build up learning hours gradually

WHO: Prof Helena Gillespie

“Learning online and independently is a skill and children won’t learn this overnight."

North Korean missiles a bid for attention

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

"North Korea has to periodically launch objects into the Sea of Japan in order to retain sufficient regional and global attention to pursue its political aims."

Coronavirus quarantines could see stockpiling become "rife"

WHO: Prof Ratula Chakraborty

"The prospect of whole towns being in lockdown and shops closed is heightening the fear and stockpiling may become rife."

Japan school closures an effort to save face, rather than lives

WHO: Dr Ra Mason

"Abe's decision is more political than social. In reality this is likely to have little effect on the actual risk of dying from COVID 19 in Japan."

Prof Diana Bell, on China’s wildlife trade ban

WHO: Prof Diana Bell

"This is a major first step in terms of efforts to prevent future spill-over of new viruses from animals to humans and importantly in protecting the remnant populations of the many species decimated by this multi-million dollar illegal activity."

Brexit is by no means done

WHO: Dr Marina Prentoulis

“Brexit is by no means done. Tomorrow is the beginning of a long, difficult and most probably painful chapter that will decide the future relationship between the UK & the EU."

Met facial recognition cameras reignite scrutiny

WHO: Dr Joe Purshouse

"This announcement comes at a time of considerable uncertainty regarding the legal limits of facial recognition technology."

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